Feng shui garden design

Feng shui garden designer
We offer the full feng shui garden design for new and existing gardens. I also work with the world leading feng shui expert Jan Cisek who’s also an environmental psychologist with over 40 years of experience in feng shui.

There are many aspects of feng shui garden design such as placement, plants, shapes, colours, ornaments and remedies as well as specific feng shui interventions for your needs and preferences. In designing your feng shui garden, specific garden design features will allow the energy flow smoothly and strategically to boost your garden and respectively your life.

Feng Shui Garden Designer

Feng shui design features: stone lanterns

Feng shui garden placements
The design and placement of specific items is designed according to your specific preferences and feng shui needs. These include placement of rocks, water features, plants as well as shapes and functional aspects of the garden design. Designing curving pathways for chi, or energy, to flow smoothly and to nourish different part of the garden is one of the key principles behind feng shui garden design. According to feng shui, straight lines are rarely present in nature so curved and flowing pathways as well as round and oval shapes are recommended.

Feng shui bagua model for gardens
Feng shui bagua model suggests that different parts of your garden (either according to compass directions or the entrance to your garden) can symbolise different aspects of your personal and professional life ie career, relationships, marriage, family, health, wealth, luck, prosperity, peace of mind, travel and friends, creativity and offspring, knowledge and wisdom as well as spiritual development, reputation and success in any area of your life.

Feng shui rock placements
In feng shui rock placement can enhance specific areas of your garden to boost specific energies and stimulate your senses.

Feng shui garden plants
Specific feng shui plants are recommended to balance and harmonise different parts of the bagua model. For example, if you want more wealth and prosperity in your life certain plants, trees and shrubs can enhance the energies to support your values and desires related to luck and prosperity.

Feng shui garden colours
Feng shui work with the five element theory where different colours represent different energies and values that can be enhanced for specific needs and wants. For example, red colour can stimulate success and recognition and when placed accordingly in your garden it can help you manifest what you want.

Feng shui garden deco
All aspects of garden deco are considered carefully in accordance to your needs which have been evaluated and verbalised during the initial consultation. Depending on your individual preferences, tastes and style we’ll suggest specific items to boost vibration of your garden and anchor and activate the areas of the bagua model. In short, good garden decor is used as subtle feng shui cures and remedies.

Feng shui garden ornaments
Depending on the style of your garden, unique garden ornaments will be suggested and designed to enhance your feng shui. These can include mirrors, objects, antique items, wind chimes, water features and other garden design ornaments.

Feng Shui Garden Designer

Feng shui garden designer London Luton


Feng shui water features
Feng shui means wind-water and water is symbolic of energy, wealth and health. All gardens are different and require careful analysis of placement of the water features which can be as big as lakes, ponds, fish ponds (with feng shui fish such as koi carps), and smaller water features that can be easy maintained. Water has been symbolising prosperity, luck and good fortune for centuries in many cultures and simple water features can be incorporated in any garden, big or small.

Feng shui small garden design
Feng shui is a very versatile system of design that can be applied on any scale from large gardens to small gardens, pathos and even balconies. We’ve design huge gardens and window boxes with feng shui principles. So whatever the size of your garden, you can develop your feng shui further with specific feng shui enhancements.

Feng Shui Garden Designer

Feng shui garden design features: water for prosperity and luck

Feng shui garden pots
In feng shui shapes can represent different elements, according to the five element theory. Water, wood/tree, fire, earth and metal elements have different shapes which when applied with care and positive intention can really make a big difference to your garden as well as your window boxes.

Feng shui garden remedies
Feng shui over the past 4000 years have develop a set of remedies to boost and enhance different aspects of our lives. The bagua model is a very simple tool to check what is working and what is not working in your life and which areas need enhancing or change.

Feng shui garden compass directions
In classical feng shui, compass directions play a special role. In feng shui garden design, we consider compass directions for several reasons, such as the lighting, seasonal changes and adjustments, bagua model enhancements as well as ecstatic perspectives.

Feng shui garden online design
We’re based in Luton and work in the adjusting areas as well as in London. However, we specialise in online garden design services as well where we can design your feng shui garden remotely.

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