Q&A / FAQs / Frequently asked questions

What does a garden designer do? 

Garden designers will help you make the most of your outdoor space, big or small. The garden design process involves many aspects such as:

  • Initial consultation to learn what the client needs and wants from their garden
  • Site survey and analysis to evaluate the garden’s challenges and opportunities
  • A concept plan is to help the client visualise and discuss where key areas are: paths, lawns, buildings, patios and other features can be placed
  • Master design plan. A more detailed version of the concept plan with specific recommendations for materials, lighting and overall colour schemes
  • Planting plan to complete the whole picture with recommendations for plants, trees based on the preferences of the customer, as well as what would look good and which species are suitable for the conditions in the garden
  • Detailed construction drawings to ensure your landscaper can build your garden exactly as you envisioned it to be
  • Project monitoring is critical to answering any questions that can arise during the garden build stages

How much does it cost to hire a garden designer? Our fees.

Our fees depend on the size of your garden, location and what you want specifically to do with it. We are happy to give you a quote in advance depending on your needs. Designs 4 Gardens has compiled criteria of garden design charges to help you evaluate how much it might cost to hire a garden designer for your garden.

We provide quotes for two aspects of the garden project: 1) garden design with garden construction and 2) just garden design.

From our long-standing garden design experience, we work with projects starting from £10k (design and built). Our fees start from £1200 for a small garden for just design.

When you call us, we’ll ask you several questions to evaluate how much it might cost and what your budget can allow:
• what is your budget?
• what do you want to include in the design?
• size of the garden
• location
• type of garden design
• timescale of the installation

Which areas does your garden design service cover?

Designs 4 Gardens is based in Luton and we’ve been designing gardens for clients and landscapers throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Harpenden, St Albans, Barnet, London and beyond.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss our services

Why use a professional garden designer?

There are many benefits of using professional garden designers.
1) A professional garden designer understands every single aspect of the garden: plants, soils, construction techniques, landscaping materials, and costs among many other things.
2) A professional garden designer will help you create an amazing space that works specifically for you and your family.
3) A professional garden designer can help expand and organise your ideas in a creative and most importantly practical ways so that your new garden meets your every need and works for you.
4) Some people are just seeking inspiration and new ideas, and others know roughly what they want but don’t know exactly how to physicalise them and perhaps add the “wow” factor.

It is possible to design part of a garden?

Sometimes you may not need the whole garden redesign. We believe that it’s possible to design parts of your garden or just different aspects of your garden, for example, a water feature, a patio, a seating area, a driveway,  a new planting plan for the borders or improve the lighting features.

Does a garden designer build gardens?

Generally speaking, garden designers specialise in designing amazing plans for landscapers to follow through. We offer design and build services from start to finish. We can also oversee the build process but are happy to recommend reputable landscapers or let you find one near you.