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How We Work

Garden Design Services

The majority of garden projects involve the re-planning of an extensive part of a garden, with structural landscape works and planting. The processes below would be typical of such a design, but stages may be overlooked on smaller/less complicated schemes. The common factor in all cases is a professional service and a key attention to detail.

Initial Consultation

During the opening visit, we look at the site and discuss your requirements, the style of garden you would like, problematic areas, your budget and the timescale you have available for gardening. We’ll then be able to give you a price quotation for the design work.

Site Survey & Analysis

A precise survey of the existing site is required before any design work can proceed. We’ll acquaint ourselves with your garden, noting views, features to be retained, slopes and levels, soil type and the direction of prevailing winds. I have the capacity to measure smaller gardens myself, but larger or more complex sites require the services of a land surveyor for maximum precision.

Mood Boards

How we Work

The design brief achieves a lot in helping visualise the initial design however, a visual, pictorial statement (such as inspiring photos) allows clients an early understanding into the visual direction that I will plan to finally design towards.

Concept Plan

Our following meeting will be to look at the initial design, which will include the features, materials, trees and style of planting. The concept plan is open to discussion, feedback is crucial and any changes can be agreed at this stage so that the designs well suited to meet your needs and requirements.

Outline Plan

Once the initial design has been amended, including any required changes, an outline of the plan will be presented to you. This will be a detailed, coloured plan, drawn to scale, from which your garden will be built and developed.

Planting Plan

This is a precise plan drawn to scale, showing the names, numbers and positioning of all the plants to be planted in your garden. All plants are carefully selected which are suited and tailored to your soil type and aspect, giving your garden all year round interest and structure which will compliment each other as well as the style of the house.

We offer the following garden design services

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