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How to cultivate garden before summer

The garden in the summer becomes our private oasis, a break from hot weather, so troublesome especially in cities. It is also a substitute for holidays for those who cannot go anywhere. We can also spend a nice vacation in our own garden. During the day, bask in the sun or read in the shade of trees surrounded by intoxicating scents of blooming shrubs and summer flowers, and spend the evening with friends at a dinner prepared in the summer kitchen. Unfortunately, the owner of the garden can not only laze in it. We present a list of garden works that we cannot forget despite summer laziness.

Work in the garden is determined by the rhythm of nature. You must watch her carefully and adapt to the conditions she dictates. Check what works should be done in the garden from June to July.

June – gardening

Ornamental trees and shrubs. Many shrubs can be propagated from cuttings (e.g. cinquefoils, spirea, honeysuckles and forsythia). The release of a large number of young growths significantly weakened the conifers, which is why they should be re-fed with compound fertilizer for this group of plants. This will prevent yellowing of needles and scales.

At the beginning of the month, it is worth feeding trees and shrubs with nitrogen fertilizer for the second time, because right now fruit buds for this year and flower buds for the next season are being formed. In the second half of the month, you can trim hedges. Cutting should shorten this year’s growth by about 2/3 of the length of the shoots.

Flowers in the garden. When the tulip leaves dry, we dig up the onions and dry for a few days in a shady but airy place. Then we clean and store them in a dry room until September. We sow biennial species: forget-me-nots, pansies, daisies, mallow and others that we want to have next year. We place the seeds in containers with soil, or we sow directly into the ground.

Lawn. The frequency of mowing should be adapted to the type of lawn, but it should be remembered that during periods of drought it is better to refrain from cutting the grass.

July – gardening

Decorative deciduous trees and shrubs. If we want to plant some new plants, we must choose those sold in containers, because only they will be well received at this time. However, let’s not let it grow in hot weather, because plants slow down life processes considerably, which is not conducive to creating new roots. We must watch the rose leaves very carefully, because in hot and dry weather they are attacked by various pests, and in rainy weather by fungal diseases. At the end of the month, we supply plants with compound fertilizer for the last time.

Conifers. If the plants turn yellow, you need to check that they have not been controlled by spider mites or fungal diseases. If they are healthy, there is a presumption that the medium is not acidic enough. Perennials. You can still divide and replant some of the perennials (those that do not bloom at the moment), but it is worth doing on cloudy days or cover transplanted plants with agrotextile or jute.

Fruit trees and shrubs. To make late apple varieties have nice large fruit, it is worth thinning their buds in the first days of July. Branches that have produced especially a lot of them must be supported so that they do not break under the weight.

Biennial and annual flowers. We regularly remove faded inflorescences and fertilize plants at least once a month with a multi-component mixture solution so that they bloom as abundantly and as long as possible.

Lawn. We mow the turf every week, and water it every day in case of drought.