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How to design your dream garden – step by step

Each of us needs an oasis – a place of rest and relaxation. It is best if it is in harmony with nature, so that the proximity of nature brings relief from concrete walls and street noise. Do we have to travel to the end of the world to find such a paradise? No, it’s enough to arrange it ourselves. What are we talking about? Of course, about the garden.

A garden, i.e. green lungs for household members, where you can relax, and also a meeting place. The garden can perform many different functions, which is why it is so important that the garden design takes into account its various faces.

Do it yourself or with a professional?

Designing this charming, green corner is not easy, because you have to take into account many different issues, such as: sun exposure, soil type, soil moisture.

It all matters in the context of the appropriate selection of plants that are to satisfy our aesthetic taste. For this to happen, the species and varieties that make a good neighborhood must be juxtaposed. Garden designs are created with the idea that the garden will serve in perfect condition for years and at the same time do not require too much work every day. There is no place for chance and chaos here. An appropriate garden design must also take into account all the needs of the household members and their financial capabilities.

You can use the help of professional designers, which saves a lot of time and nerves, but you have to take into account the additional expense. The price of a garden design depends on the size of the garden and its location.

If we want to start working in the garden quickly, the best idea will be to use the help of professionals. Likewise, when we do not feel very strong enough to cope with such a task. Design errors can turn out to be quite costly.

Step 1 – recognizing your needs and dividing the garden space into zones

All household members should be involved in this stage. The point is for everyone to express their expectations regarding the appearance of the garden and its functions. After all, this area can have a variety of purposes, and in the event of conflicting opinions, you have to somehow find a golden mean. Most often, gardens are divided into zones such as:

  • relaxation area
  • activity and fun zone
  • representative zone
  • economic and utility zone

Many people primarily appreciate the leisure function of the garden. For them, it will be a place of relaxation, a kind of escape from the noise and hustle and bustle of the city and life in a hurry. Such a green oasis is supposed to calm down, allow full contact with nature and at the same time protect against prying eyes of neighbors and passers-by.

A family with children must take into account the needs of their loved ones and think about creating a place for physical activity for them. The little ones will be pleased with the playground.

Some people above all want to emphasize the representative function of the garden. For them, this place must express prestige.

Step 2 – choosing the right plants

It must be remembered that it is not always possible to implement all plans in this aspect. Plants have specific requirements for soil or sunlight, and not necessarily all of them we like them they will prove themselves in our garden. It is a bit of an art of compromise, but what matters is the end result and the appearance of the garden not only in a year, but also in twenty years.

Step 3 – small architecture

Elements of small architecture should be neatly integrated into the garden space. On the one hand, they will be eye-catching, and on the other hand, they have practical functions. The garden gazebo will not only provide shade, but also create a charming and pleasant place to relax or organize a party.

A body of water will also be fantastic to harmonize with the vegetation. Many people decide to have a pond in the garden, preferably in irregular shapes. Even in a small garden, there is sure to be a place for a small but beautiful fountain, and it is worth placing a bench next to it, or possibly a decorative statue.

A brick grill with a smokehouse will also work in large gardens, where you can prepare delicacies for evening feasts. Wooden pergolas, trellises and trusses overgrown with vegetation look interesting.

Therefore, let’s not be afraid to use the help of a professional in designing a garden space according to our preferences and style. It is a place of our relaxation and rest, so we should feel really comfortable in it.