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Useful tools in your garden in autumn

October is the month when you have to think intensively about preparations for autumn and winter in the garden. One of the important issues is the purchase of the necessary things that will support us while working in the garden. The first stage of autumn means early autumn works, which include mowing, fruit picking, fertilization and the beginning of cleaning works. You have to collect fallen leaves, clean all surfaces or use a special vacuum cleaner. The second stage is more cleaning work. There may also be a need for periodic snow removal or de-icing. Therefore, in the fall it is worth preparing properly and, above all, buying equipment that we will use during the work. You can even create a list of essentials.

Rakes for leaves

This is called basic necessity. A good rake is characterized by a wide strip and dense claws that will work well in the case of large surfaces.

Leaf and grass scraper

It will greatly facilitate cleaning work in the garden at any time of the year. The tool will allow you to collect not only leaves, but also cut grass, fallen fruit or hay. The long handle is convenient for collecting waste without bending down. The scraper will also protect your hands from getting dirty or injured.


We will use it to compost biodegradable waste. The obtained compost can be used primarily in our garden. We can put mowed grass, leaves, kitchen waste, parts of plants into the container, so the solution is very useful and practical.

Furniture covers

In autumn and winter, we do not want to expose our furniture to damage. It is worth protecting garden furniture against the influence of negative weather conditions. Good quality covers have strings that can be squeezed, which will protect the cover from the wind.


The ladder will certainly be useful in every home throughout the year. With its help, we can easily select leaves from the gutters or cut trees.

Leaf blower

The device can be in a manual or a backpack version. The strong airflow easily blows the leaves into one place, which will be easier during cleaning works. Some blowers also have a leaf suction function for the included bag.

Plant trimming tools

For small gardens, hand tools will certainly be useful. Useful tools include secateurs, shears, saws, leaf shredders. The devices should be adapted to your needs and the size of the garden and plants.

Plant care products

In the fall, plants need special care. The appearance of the garden is often evidenced by the lawn, which should be fertilized in the fall with a special fertilizer.

Digging tools

When caring for autumn plants, various types of planting spatula and claws will be useful first of all. Their size and type should be adjusted to the type of plants.


Small and plastic wheelbarrows are sufficient for small gardens. Metal or stone wheelbarrows are suitable for transporting heavy items. The devices listed in the article will greatly facilitate work in the garden and make it comfortable.

Take care of your garden in autumn

Autumn on the plot is a period of intensive preparations for winter. So equip yourself with the necessary tools and invest your time and energy in gardening.