A garden greenhouse – it always pays off!

Every year winter appears and disappears outside the windows, playing tricks on us. Despite the sunny weather, we have to wait until spring for beautiful flowers and green lawns. If we want to enjoy gardening next year also during the winter months, it is worth considering building or purchasing a greenhouse. It also has the potential to become the defining element of our garden! Although we associate greenhouses with rural areas and the large-scale cultivation of vegetables and flowers, there is no reason not to put up an elegant greenhouse in the corner of our suburban garden. It all depends on our goal!

A greenhouse in a home garden will work especially well because it provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of edible plants such as tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplants, strawberries, but also basil and arugula. Its warmth extends the growing season. It is also extremely important here that the conditions for plant development in the greenhouse are much more stable than in the field. Although growing ourselves on a small scale, we will certainly not meet the full demand of our family for vegetables and herbs, the occasional consumption of plants cultivated by our own hands can bring us great satisfaction. In addition, in the greenhouse we can also grow many varieties of exotic plants, for example our cacti will feel great in it. Working in the garden has a relaxing effect on many people, it is worth extending this relaxation!

Greenhouse decision – what to consider?

First of all, we need to determine how much we are willing to spend on building a greenhouse. The choice is really huge now, so you need to think carefully about the answer! For example, greenhouses covered with glass or polycarbonate sheets will be much more expensive than those covered with plastic film. What is our goal? Do we just want to try our hand at gardening, or are we really going to spend a lot of time and effort doing it? Or maybe we care more about diversifying the space in our garden? In the latter case, plastic foil will certainly not work! If, however, we are just starting our adventure with cultivation, we can consider the popular mini greenhouses.

Right location

The functioning of the greenhouse will require a perfectly sunny place. Therefore, it should be built in the southern zone of our plot, preferably on the east-west line. When designing the roof, we should take into account the different sun angle in summer and winter. Therefore, the roof slope angle between 25-35 degrees will be the best in the year-round perspective. Of course, the location should be adjusted to the specifics of our plot. The place for the greenhouse must not be wet, puddles are not desirable here! The temperature inside will also be influenced by the wind. Naturally, we will not choose a shaded place or a place which may become so in the future due to the development of trees. There are also factors other than natural ones. If our young children or grandchildren often play in the garden, the glass greenhouse should not necessarily be within the reach of their or their balls.