Woodland Garden

Perennials that are easy to grow

Are you looking for a beautiful but not very labor-intensive garden? We suggest a solution! In the article below, we present popular perennials that you can safely say that grow on their own. They have great decorative value and practically no requirements when it comes to beauty treatments. By planting blooming perennials in the garden, we can enjoy their beauty every year, without the need to dig up and store. There are a large number of flower species that endure our winters without any problem. Among them we can find many beautiful varieties with wonderful flowers.

Garden daylilies

One of the most beautiful flowers are garden daylilies. They bloom for a very long time during the summer. Their flowers appear on the stem growing out of a clump of leaves. One day lily flower lasts only one day, however they bloom one after another. From one large clump, several stems with flower buds grow. They grow very well both in a sunny place and in a slightly shaded place. The soil for them can be average, with a slightly acidic pH.


Echinacea flowers, shaped like baskets, appear in mid-summer and grow until autumn. Depending on the variety, they can be from half a meter to even one and a half high. Echinacea can be of various colors, from white to green through yellow to pink or carmine. They grow well in average soil, preferably in a sunny position.


Peonies, or other peonies, are very effective flowering plants. They grow for many years in one place, and their flowers appear in May and June, depending on the position in which they grow and their varieties. The most common peonies are those with pink flowers. Dark red and white ones also look very decorative. There are also some rare varieties with yellow petals. Some varieties of peony with red outer petals have yellow tinged inner petals. Peonies grow without any problems in moderately fertile and well-drained soil. They look nice against a dark green background made of other plants. They bloom well both in a sunny and slightly shaded position.

Lavenders and sage

Lavender and sage have similar soil requirements. They grow very well in dry and sunny places, on soil rich in calcium. They require a place sheltered from frost as they can freeze during severe winters. It is also worth covering them with leaves, fallen from trees in autumn or fir twigs. They are perfect for creating rebates and borders around paths in a sunny place.


Hellebores are another interesting perennial flowers that winter well in our climate. They usually bloom in early spring, at the very beginning of the growing season. Usually it is around March and sometimes in April. Hellebores are the first flowers to appear alongside snowdrops and crocuses in the garden. It grows well in fertile, well-drained soil.


Beautiful phlox flowers are eye-catching wherever we plant them in the garden. Not only are they eye-catching in the flowerbed, they are also suitable for bottles as cut flowers. They can be planted in average soil. They bloom profusely, growing in a sunny place, because there will be much less flowers in the shade. Winged phloxes are suitable for turfing surfaces with other plants. They look good on rockeries or around paths. On the other hand, paniculate phloxes are tall, about one meter. The flowers have panicles at the end of the stem.

Where to plant flowers in the garden

For perennials with spectacular flowers, it is worth preparing a suitable place in our garden. One of the most important is to make a suitable background from green deciduous plants – tall perennials or shrubs. Peonies or paniculate phloxes will then look even more decorative. When arranging a garden with the intention of spending time relaxing there, without having to care for the whole thing for most of your free time, it is worth choosing effective but undemanding plants. Perennials are one of them – as perennial plants, they can grow in one place for a long time, and in addition, we do not have to store them in winter. It is enough to cover them with fir or leaves from trees. We should also make sure that the shrubs and trees selected for the garden are resistant and undemanding.